EndNote X8 - adding custom reference types and display fields and how to keep changes to one library


I have added two new reference type fields and display fields (previously unused custom fields) to my EndNote library (EndNote X8), for the purpose of writing “Yes” or “No” comments as to whether a reference is relevant after scanning the title and abstract. 

I was able to create these new fields no problem. However, I then noticed that these changes to the reference types and display fields were also present in another EndNote library of mine, from a previous project. 

Is it possible to make changes to the reference type and display fields and keep these changes in one EndNote library only? It is not necessary for me to have these new fields in other libraries as well. 

Appreciate any advice.


Changes to Reference Types will show up in all libraries on your machine.

If you would like to see this changed in a future version of EndNote then I would suggest submitting a product enhancement.


no, any changes apply to all libraries on that machine (and are not transferred to any other machine automatically).  Why not use the rating system already there?