Additional reference types

I know how to edit reference types (in Endnote X7.7 for mac) however, I need to create more than the ‘Unused 1, 2 or 3’ that are available in the menu, while retaining all other options (at these have been customised already). Is there a way to add more than the preconfigured 54 reference types (as shown in the image attached)

It seems that this was an option in earlier versions (see post below) but it eludes me how to do this in the current version.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I don’t believe you can generate more than those listed including the customizable ones.

 Are you using all the other reference types?  you can edit anyone of them to fulfill a different purpose?  What about Map, for example?  – you can rename it, and adjust it to any new reference type requirements.

Also, a quick tip, you can hide them from the options in editing or adding new references, by putting a dot at the beginning of the name of any style you don’t want to use in your work, so you don’t have to select from so many when entering non-journal ref types.   

I think that thread you point to is refering to adding the template to the output style?  Is that what you need to know?  (FYI you can’t add a link until you have posted a minimum number of times to avoid the hit and run spammers that frequent this forum).  


With the exception of one, all of the current ones are used and I have already modified unused 1, 2, and 3, but I need more than this. Unfortunately, as we share endnote libraries between colleagues, it’s not possible to customise by library and “import” xml each time. 

I wonder if this will be a feature of EN X8…