Creating New Reference Types

I understand how to create a new reference type by creating the necessary fields in the unused 1, 2, or 3 types listed in the modify references drop down menu.

However, I am trying to create a “speech” reference type that appears identical in its APA output to that of conference paper, and instead of “paper presented at” I need it to read “speech presented at” with everything else being identical. It is this line of text that I do not know how to create. When using the generic unused reference type to work from, there is no text reading “speech presented at” or anything of the sort in the output. What appears is a generic APA style that is incorrect for my application. 

Is it possible to create such a reference type in endnote x2?

Your next step is to edit the output style to include the new reference type (Edit > Output Styles > APA 5th). Choose Bibliography>Templates and click the “Reference Types” button to insert the new “Speech” reference type. You can probably follow, with necessary changes, the existing reference type “Conference Proceedings”, and this is how the EndNote inserts the wording “speech presented at” into the reference.

I would recommend saving a new version of the style (e.g. APA 5th with your initials appended) using File > Save As…, so you can always return to the original version of APA 5th in future.