Advantages of combining multiple references in one citation?

Hi there.

I have been using Endnote for a long time to write a doctoral thesis. I am using a footnoting style. When I first started using it either it wasn’t possible to put multiple references into the one citation, or I didn’t know how. In the older parts of my work, I therefore have footnotes that in their unformatted form look like this: {Koester, 1990 #177@31}, {Koester, 1994 #352@294}, {Koester, 1994 #352@297}. In the newer parts, the same references in the one footnote would look like this: {Koester, 1990 #177@31;Koester, 1994 #352@294;Koester, 1994 #352@297}. Is there any advantage in my going back to the old sections and updating the footnotes to the combined format? We are probably talking about a couple of hundred footnotes that would need to be adjusted, so it is not a trivial task. Some of them have prefixes and suffixes to one or more of the citations and some of these are inside the { } and some are outside.



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