How to Merge Multiple Footnotes into One Footnote


Thanks in advance for offering your suggestions. I typically attribute a footnote/citation to an individual sentence while I’m writing. This way, if I want to place that sentence elsewhere in a later draft, I can merely cut and paste the sentence (with citation) and move it. 

However, when I’m finished and ready to submit/publish, I’ll end up with a paragraph that contains X amount of footnotes. I have included an example here. I find that all the superscripts look cluttered and would rather have one footnote at the end of the paragraph that, in the order which they appear in the paragraph, includes citation information of all the previous X footnotes. I have included a second example to show my ideal preference. 

However, the only way I do that is by manually creating a new footnote and then manually inserting, in order, all the citations I’ve used. Is there an easier way to accomplish this? In other words, perhaps a way I can tell Endnote to merge footnotes 1-3 into one footnote? 

I appreciate your advice and I appologize if this question has been asked in advance. I simply did not know how to search for a solution to this problem.