After "Exclude Year" --> Comma behind author name cannot be removed


I have to cite like (Author, Year), or intext: Author (Year).

For example: This hypothesis was never confirmed (Krugman, 1990).

Or alternatively:Krugman (1990) found that this hypothesis was never confirmed.

When I use the first option (Author, Year) I have no problems. However, if I use the second option, I insert the citation twice and exclude the year from first insertion, then I put paranthesis around the second insertion and exclude the author from it. The result is the following:

Krugman, (1990) found…  The problem is the comma after the author which is not needed her.

Are there any suggestions how to solve this problem??? I tried to edit the citation template using “forced separations” and these “linked adjacent text” things, but couldn’t get somewhere.

Thanks for your help!


Edit: I use EndNote X2 with Word 2007

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The advantage of endnote is to automate the generation of citations and references, being able to switch between formats, for example, between numbered and author, year or with different specific font and punctuation requirements.  and to minimize having to make other changes.  We all know this is sometimes impossible [say you were using Author, Year and had constructed a (for review see Joanes, 1999), conversion to numbered format would require reconstructing that item].  However, if you quote the reference twice and then change it to some other reference, you need to change it twice anyway.  How hard would it be to type the author name once and insert the citation, rather than insert the citation twice? Furthermore, you now need to type in the parentheses in every case?  

On the rare occassions where I want to construct a “Krugman (1990) found that this hypothesis was never confirmed” and doubt my ability to get the spelling of Krugman correct, I insert twice and then unlink the field of the first instance and remove the parentheses, the comma and the year, and exclude author on the second inserted endnote linked citation. 

Perhaps the developers can try to address this need in a future version, giving further options in the .  edit citation choices to cover these instances. (added in edit – and they have now done so.  This is an option in EndnoteX5)

Thanks for your answer. How do I “unlink” an inserted field so that it is not a function anymore but only plain text?

This is a word function:  Click in the field (it will go grey)  and then (at least on a PC) Ctrl+shift+F9.

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