Endnote 7 - Author ONLY problem

Hey all,

Would it be possible to fix one of Endnote intext citation problems. I noted that when I choose “Display Author, exclude year”, the author is displayed in paranthesis (Author) rather than just displaying the Author (and no paranthesis).

Eg: (Smith) said … but should be Smith said…


should be in suggestions forum.  Maybe a moderator can move it?  

Has this been addressed yet?  It is certainly frustrating not to be able to insert the citation without the year and without parenthesis, given that APA now allows for citations of the same author in the same paragraph without the year.  

And why just not type it in then?  Why bother with the whole citation insertion, multi-step and hiding things?  I don’t get it.

I remember when I had to retype my references each draft (retyping each paper in full on a type writer!  Yes, I am that old.:slight_smile: )


That’s what I do. And I remember having to retype everything - on a typewriter, yet!  But it does seem it should be a fairly simple update and keep EndNote in sync with requirements every little bit helps because then updates are automatic. Just doesn’t make sense that it works in one citation format but not the other.  Have posted it to suggestions, as well.