allow endnote to automatically import text formatting displayed in RIS or ENW import files

For biologists, and microbiologists especially, almost every reference has italicized species name in the title, which most publishers use <italic>text</italic> in the RIS or ENW file (I’m not sure of the difference in file types here) - currently endnote imports this but does nothing with it!!!

 This is beyond incomprehensible!!!

An old plugin (Convert HTML Tags) exists to retroactively go back and change html tags to Endnote formatting, but it only recognizes <i> for italics and <b> for bold, for instance.

And it doesnt tell me what fields its looking for or what the codes are that it searches for - I found this out by trial and error.

Occasionally some publishers provide an XML file (that in theory preserves formatting in references) but endote doesnt automatically know what to do with that - it wants to use a specific filter for import, which slows things down and more often than not there isnt one that works. Curiously the xml tag for italics is the same  <italic> that ris import and the convert HTML plugin both ignore!

BOTTOM LINE - it should not be difficult to and I request that you modify the software

1)  to include an option to filter the ris file during import to preserve text  formatting information

  1. failing that please rewrite the plugin code to recognize both short and long tags - e.g. <i> and <italic>

This coding should also be enabled in changing case preferences to effect global changes in all instances and references where the italicized or boldface text appears, rather than changing the text in individual references.

This problem has been around forever. I’m not sure if there is an easy solution as the use of the italics HTML tag isn’t a universal standard for exporing citations. It would definitely help if Endnote supported it but I don’t find it that difficult to manually italicise references as I add them. I prefer to review references as I add them anyway to make sure they are correct.

Having said that, I would like to see Endnote show italics in the title field in library view - this would make it easy to see which references are formatted correctly without having to click each reference and looking at the citation preview.