RIS file imports fail

All of a sudden I can’t import references to EndNote from files in RIS formats. One minute I could, and the next, nothing happens. I’ve even tried re-importing an RIS file that worked before (I attach it here; I’ve changed the extension from .ris to .txt). It contains one reference, and the tagging looks correct. I use the RefMan RIS filter, as before, and nothing happens: no error messages, nothing. I’m obviously doing something dumb, but what might it be?

MyReferences.txt (423 Bytes)

Checking the Refman RIS filter reveals two problems: 1) While the Tag codes appear to be correct, they actually don’t match the spacing of the tags shown in your text (.txt) file; and 2) The Field(s) in the Refman RIS filter are not incorporating the corresponding EndNote field names (refer to the attached image).

To correct the filter, first copy and paste the tags from the text file into the filter’s Tag fields. Then in the filter’s fields change the names to those used by EndNote (refer to the right-side of the attached image).  Further corrections may be needed for the filter’s reference types so checking future text files before importing may pinpoint what changes may be needed.

As an example, have attached the filter with the changes described above and which successfully imported your sample text file.

RefMan RIS_Modified.enf (41.5 KB)

Many thanks – I’d looked at the filter, but I hadn’t noticed the spacing problem. That’ll teach me to be more careful in future!