Edit Reference in batcwise mode


As a regular Endnote user, I have been often confronted to the fact that Titels of papers are not imported to Endnote in their original format, especially with regard to the use of italics or specific symbols.

Now that my Endnote library contains up to 4000 entries, is there a way to tell Endnote to reformat specific words (for example by italizing) in the entire libraries or at list in specific fields?

This would be a great value to the program !

Best regards

No, but it has been asked for before.  – by the way, it isn’t imported because most of the databases don’t preserve it.  And not all titles have the items italicized etc, so global changes wouldn’t necessarily be matching the original format, so I just fix em if I use em - in the original library if I am being persnickety.  I have never had a publisher of one of my papers complain one way or the other.