Allow multiple URLs linkable with each reference

Allow multiple URLs with each reference.

If the reference is imported from Web of Science,

there should be a way to automatically find the same reference in PubMED.

I see a spot to write in the PCMID, but not the PMID

Once you find the reference in pubmed, you can’t have two linkable URLs, only one.

When you try to find full text with EndNote, if it fails, it will just add the URL to web of science.

There are also a lot of free PDFs if you go to the journal webiste like (I think they are free 1 year prior to current publication). 

Most openurl searches don’t look directly at the journal website for PDFs.

EndNote could have a lot of improvement if it just started with the process of allowing multiple URLs to be added and then searched with each reference when trying to find full text.

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Please restore EndNote to recognizing multiple URLs in a reference’s URL field.

EndNote 20.4 does not recognize multiple URLs in a reference’s URL field. EndNote 20.4 recognizes only the first URL in the URL field.

In contrast, EndNote 20.3 did recognize multiple URLs when the URLs were entered on separate lines (i.e., separated by a new line keyboard stroke).

Agree. Sometimes articles contain links to supplemental information or videos, etc., and it would be worthwhile to have EndNote recognize these additional links in the URL field.