URLs to pubmed are missing in EndNote Library

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I´m trying to cite URLs of Journal Articles in my EndNote Reference list. I know how to format and edit outputstyle so that URLs appear in my Word-Document, but these are not the right ones. In my EndNote Library all References hava a URL Link to the pdf version of the articles, but I need a link to PubMed, is this possible?

Thanks for your help

If you have searched PubMed directly in EndNote, the URL information for that article will appear in the URL field of the reference in your library. To verify this, please double-click on one of these references in your library. Here you can note both the Reference Type at the top and the information in the URL field. In order for this information to appear, you need to make sure the Output Style is set to include the URL field for that Reference Type.

Once you have checked the library reference, you can close it. Next, click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Find the Style you would like to work with and double-click the name to open it. In the Style, look for Bibliography on the left side and then click Templates under that. Here you will see the various Reference Type templates and the fields that are included. You can use the Insert Field button on the upper right-hand corner to insert the URL field.

For more information on this process, the Style Editing Guide can be found here:


I searched in PubMed and imported it via the “send to” button. In the URL field there is a link to pdf of reference and no PubMed link. Is there a possibility to change or update this? Or do I have to do it manually? Or create a new library and search all the referneces directly in EndNote?

Sometimes multiple URLs are imported into a record.  Then I think the first one is used, or multiple ones are used.  I find that if I update a record, and it is in pubmed, the resulting match will provide a option to overwrite the URL field during updates, and the Pubmed url is the only one there?  This might be a quick way to fix those that point to the PDF link.  

Updating each reference solved the problem, now there is the pubmed link instead of the pdf link. Thanks for this helpful hint!

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