AMA Style?

I am working on a book chapter, and they request the use of AMA reference style. I cannot find AMA in the Endnote output styles. Do I have to look for the name of a journal that uses this style?

Has anyone here run into this problem before?

Is there anywhere on to find the AMA style?

Thanks for any help!

It is listed as JAMA in EndNote

I’m using Endnote 9.  I have to use AMA style for my paper.  I looked for JAMA in the Open Style Manager and it’s not listed. 

Please help thank you,



There is “J Amer Med Info Assoc”, which is the AMA style.

There is a style calles “J Amer Med Info Assoc”, which is the AMA style.

In the currently installed default styles, you will find a “JAMA” style right above the next letter of the alphabet, as the J no space styles show up below all of the J American etc styles. If you look at the K styles and then go up to the bottom of the “J” styles you will find the JAMA style by default in EndNote X2 and later.



But if you haven’t installed the “default” set, you can get it from the endnote downloads site, open it and “save as”.