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Please, how do I change the references on my endnote library to AMA 10 th edition format?

The American Medical Association (AMA) Style is included with the installation of EndNote. It can be located in EndNote under “JAMA” for Journal of the American Medical Association. In EndNote, click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Browse to the end of the Styles with the letter J to locate the JAMA style. You can check the box to the left of the Style name to mark this as a favorite and then close the Style Manager. The JAMA style will now be available to use.

You can also download the JAMA style here:

The installation instructions can be found in

what do you mean, change the references.  (or follow TMartin’s advice!) 

the way they are cited and listed, would be defined by an output style.  I see JAMA (AMA 10th) is available in the output style download list (can get to the page from the Help/Endnote Output Styles and then put AMA in the first search box (Style or Journal Name).  I usually don’t put too much in it - or you miss matches.  

Sometimes you need to look for other styles by the same publisher or in the same field.  

Since I downloaded it, I attach it (I renamed it).  

You would need to open the attached (it should open in Endnote) then “save as” (you can removed the word copy, automatically added by the “save as”)  and then to pick this output style in the word document’s endnote tool ribbon (you may have to view all styles, or open style manager, to select the newly downloaded version).  

JAMA (AMA10th).ens (34 KB)

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