American Statistical Association Style

The current style for the American Statistical Association journals is not even close to correct. Does anyone have the correct/updated style for ASA journals? Thanks

Sorry if I posted this previously in the wrong place. This is confusing to navigate. 

You should be able to delete other post in the “forum” section, to avoid parallel answers.  Comment there with a link here, if you can’t.  

Providing the author instructions will help others help you in the future (I found these, after a few dead links on the ASA’s website, if no one has revised it previously and are active in the forum.  Also you can ask for new or revised  styles here: (but it isn’t immediate).

I had one in my list that wasn’t too far off from the instructions in the above link.  I slightly modified it further, so see if it works for you – I didn’t test it extensively.  

Detailed instructions on how to edit output styles in both Mac and windows are available here: 
Amer Statistical Assoc 2107.ens (26.1 KB)

Hi Leanne,

Thank you, the style is accurate except for 2 commas :slight_smile: which I will give me a chance to do a simple style edit. I did put in a request for a style update, but I really appreciate your prompt reply. Also, thanks for the link to the style editing document. I’m an old RefMan user and my skills have gotten a bit rusty.

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