Another punctuation query

Apologies for starting a new thread but I think this is a slightly different query to the one about periods/full stops…

I’m trying to add a reference to a blog post, the problem is that the blog title ends with the following phrase: or does it…!?!


Endnote then formats this in the bibliography as: or does it.? 

Is there anyway I can get it to respect the original punctuation?  I’ve turned off all the spell check automatic functions but that didn’t make any difference.  I use endnote 8.0.2.

Many thanks!

Any ideas anyone? :neutral_face:

not sure.  Did you try to put `in front of the punctuation marks?  Endnote is designed to add the conventional puncturation - a full stop and when punctuation is included (like a ?) it leaves off the style introduced punctuation.  I assume this is Endnote trying to be cleaver, with unconventional punctuation. 

Thanks Leanne but unfortunately that didn’t work… any other ideas?  I know it’s not really a big deal but everytime I see it in my list of references it nags at me!

Check reference type, and find a field where the blog title is stored. It might be stored in the field where automatic formatting is applied (such as journal title or author fields).

I’ve used the reference type ‘online multimedia’ and put the title in the title field - would this be automatically formatted?

Not for every style. check  your style by editing it (Edit>Output Style>Edite “your-selected-output-style”.  If it isn’t listed under bibliography templates, copy and paste the generic, and then edit it from there. 

If you look at the chapter on Bibliographic Styles in the manual, and go to the section entitled “EndNote Cleans Up”, it explains that EndNote assumes that combinations like ?! or !? are errors, and it replaces them with one character.

So this is a “feature”. I guess you just have to edit the bibliography manually when you have finished writing and after you have removed the field codes.

Back to Layla’s query,


With X2, I just made a Blog template in two different styles, copied the generic into the new temlate and made up a blog entry in my library, and it didn’t delete the punctuation.  The styles didn’t have full stops but commas or nothing, so maybe that removes the “resolution”?