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Hi, I’m using EndNote X7. In the style I’m using, I make use of the “Secondary Title” field to hold (among other things) the abbreviation of book series. Sometimes these book series abbreviations contain punctuation (e.g., JSJ.S). I notice that in both the footnote and the bibliography EndNote will strip out (in this example) the period. Is there a way to make this *not* happen? I need the period to remain in the field! I notice the same thing does not happen if I use the “Tertiary Title” field; only the “Secondary Title.”  But at this point it would be really inconvenient to have to change all my Secondary Titles to Tertiary Titles. Please let me know if this is possible, thanks. 

[see image attached]

I can’t replicate this - but I don’t know what reference type nor which output style, so maybe I don’t have the right combination.  Can you attach your output style (the .ens file) or tell me which one, if it is “out of the box” or available for downloading.  Also what exact reference type – I tried with several output styles and a couple of ref types.  

Endnote X8 on a PC 

Hi, thanks so much for the reply. Style is attached. It is a heavily modified version of the Society for Biblical Literature style. The Reference Type I am experiencing difficulty with is the “Book” type. The Field that I’m having the problem with is called “Series Title” field (= Secondary Title), which strips out periods (and some other punctuation).in footnotes & biblio in MS Word.

You’ll notice another field in here called “Series Title Punctuation” - this is a new field I created after my post on the forum, as a temporary workaround. This is based off of the “Tertiary Title” field, and it doesn’t strip out the punctuation. 

Thanks for any direction you could provide.

WTS - MG.ens (83.3 KB)

The problem is that you have the journal name setting to remove periods (see attached).  If that box is unticked, you will retain the period, but not sure how that will affect your other fields.  the best option is to ensure that your journal terms list is correctly formatted and utilized.  You can then create a column of journal names with (abbreviation 1) and without (abbreviation 2) periods, to avoid having the use the tick box at all.  I also turn off any “auto capture” of the secondary titles into the journal terms lists (in preferences, see second image attached).  

To use Endnotes journal terms list most effectively – use this KB article and video.  you would also want to make sure this particular entry in the journal terms list is correct before changing the style to point to another column in the list rather than using the current option.  you may even find that you no longer need a “fix” field to generate the abbreviation as opposed to the full name of the pubication?  

Thanks a lot, that’s incredibly helpful. Not sure how I missed that option :-/

As for journal terms the Society of Biblical Literature no longer requires full journal names, only abbreviations. For this reason I have not used journal term lists at all & just enter abbreviations into the Journal Name & Series Title fields.

I will try unchecking the option(s) & hopefully it won’t negatively affect anything else I’ve done. 

Thanks again!

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