Any evidence anyone at Clarivate reads this stuff?

I haven’t noticed a single posting in a long time by someone identified as a Clarivate developer. Clarivate, you have large engaged user base, how about a posting summarizing what the developers are working on and what we can expect to see different in the next version or update? Hopefully a lot of reversion!  Scrolling through the hundreds of postings on EN20, I haven’t seen a single positive remark about EN20 being an improvement on recent versions. And this is from the deep user community. This should resonant, and not just fall on deaf ears. I don’t think it’s just a bunch of selection bias in the commenters and there’s a huge silent majority of “Good Job on EN20” users out there, to pleased to comment.

Clarivate, what gives?

I think Clarivate uses this forum for us to vent frustrations… I dont think anyone frm Clarivate reads this… Otherwise there would be an effect…

Clarivate has [seemingly] decided that the cost of innovating against Zotero and Mendeley would be too great, so they’re letting this cash cow ride. Once it no longer produces milk, I fully expect the software to shut down.