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I have seen the emails and banner announcements about pre-ordering EndNote 21. Unfortunately, nothing I have seen includes a reason why this purchase should be made. Examples of questions that need to be addressed in the pre-order promotions include “why should I buy EndNote 21?” and “how does EndNote 21 compare to other versions?”. Until that happens, everything I have seen essentially asks me to spend money blindly and trust that EndNote 21 will be superior to all other versions. In a time when academics collectively have much lower purchasing power available to them (relative to prior years) and many institutions are trying to control costs by eliminating or reducing reimbursements to faculty, the value added proposition needs to be clearly addressed in these promotions.

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100% agree. I paid for the update from V19 to V20 in late February (unfortunately, without coming to this forum first.) and agree with you. Clarivate seems to just be milking the customers. I can’t see how they can do a paid upgrade to V21 without first fixing all the issues people are raising with V20. Largley caused by Clarivate themselves.

I have suggested in a PM discussion with Clarivate that V21 should be a free upgrade to all on V20.

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When I called a couple of weeks ago and talked to a sales rep, they said the information about what’s new is forthcoming. You’re right, it should be available now.

I recently “upgraded” from EndNote X to Endnote 20, and I find it just doesn’t work. I’m using Word Professional 2016, so not something that obscure. But when I click “Update Bibliography”, nothing happens. Did Clarivate actually test this software before release? I have been using Endnote since 1996, so I’m kind of used to it, but I think it’s time we all moved on. Endnote customers have been taken for granted for too long. I will not be recommending this software to my students anymore.


Sorry for the delayed response.
The new features are actually advertised on the PreOrder page, albiet in a pop-up window that may be suppressed.

Now, EndNote 21 delivers an even better experience with an improved online interface and access - even away from the desktop. With EndNote 21, you will:

  • Protect your work with data restoration functions
  • Stay organized with features like tags
  • Improve your writing workflow with integrated document creation tools
  • Access and experience a new exclusive EndNote Web interface when you’re away from your desktop

It should also be noted that, as with previous versions of EndNote, we plan on releasing additional features for the software during it’s lifespan with free update patches.

We hope this helps to clarify!
And, if you think there’s anything we’ve missed, do please feel free to use the Product Suggestions forum to report improvements you’d like to see in the software.


You can not be serious!?!?! Many/most people run pop-up blocking as standard. Who thought it was a Good Idea to put the new features list in a pop-up that most wouldn’t see? GET A GRIP!!!

We need function over form.
NOT fashion over functionality.

I read the pop-up message but found it to be rather uninformative. The comments are only “teasers”. I think most users would like an explanation for how the new features are improvements, with an example or two. This is expediency at the cost of useful communication.