APA 6 Reference List

I am working on my reference list and using x3 EndNote for APA 6th edition.  My problem is that I need to add the URL for the references that do not have a doi.  When I manually put in the “Retrieved from…” and save it or update the reference list, I loose what I have made changes on.  How do I correct this situation.  I also have some references that have the APA 5th "Retrieved on August 1, 2011… that I cannot update also.

You’ll need to edit the APA 6th output style to modify the bibliography template (e.g., Journal Article) so the phrase “Retrieved from” along with the URL will appear in the bibliography.  APA 6th does not require retrieval dates to be included so all that needs to be added to the bibliography template is the following:

|Retrieved from*URL|

(Refer to the attached image.)  To modify the bibliography template go to the toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT APA 6th.  Then in the APA 6th style’s dialog box locate “Bibliography” in the left column and click to select “Templates”.  Locate and modify the template (image shows the Journal Article template).  When completed close the style which will save the changes as a “copy” (i.e., APA 6th Copy) so you’ll need to change both the EndNote and MS Word settings to use the APA 6th Copy output style.