APA 6th Edition

I am curious if anyone knows when the APA 6th edition style will become available. 


We are currently working on the APA 6th template.  The manual was shipped the first part of July and we’re making our way through the changes that have been made in each of the style formats. 

We hope to have a copy available soon on our EndNote.com website, just go to the Support and Services tab and there should be a FAQ there on the new style and template.


RS Content Admin

My sense from talking to people who track this kind of stuff and from a quick read to compare & contrast version 6 with version 5 was that revision 6 greatly simplifies the whole Style, making it much clearer and easier to use.

Looking forward to seeing the updated templates & Style outputs appear on the site. Any ideas when that might be?


Russell in Canada

All of the other citation software venders have released APA 6th Including the open source offerings. Why is it taking so long for an update? 

Noticed today:  http://www.endnote.com/support/enapa6thstyle.asp 


Got it! Thanks, Leanne.

The instructions provided for installation of the updated Style and Reference Template are clear and worked just fine for me.


One of the weird features of the 6th edition of APA is that, while the provisions for entering multiple authors in the text of the document have not changed, the provisions for the reference list specify that when a work has more than seven authors, you should list the first six authors, followed by the three points of omission, followed by the name of the last author, e.g.:

Gilbert, D. G., McLennan, J. F., Rabinovich, N. E., Sugai, C., Plath, L. C., Asgaard, G., … Boutros, N. (2004)

EndNote currently has no capacity for formatting references like this. Is this something on the “to do” list for version X4?

It just surprizes me that non-profit (right?) organization like APA set the writing/referencing standards without considering the ability of popular bibliography formatting software. Also, they sell these “handbooks of styles”. It should be freely available and open because there should not be a “copyright” towards the “writing style”. Copyright should be towards “written contents”.

Am I talking something very strange???

Oh, wow.  Do you think they just stay awake at night trying to come up with things difficult to achieve, electronically? 

I know APA is not just referencing style, and APA handbooks tell a lot about other things. It’s fine they sell these “How To” things. Ultimate question, I have over years is, why do we have so many bibligraphy styles? If bibliogrpahy style is just one, or maybe three styles, we don’t need such complicated referencing managers. I always think things are unncessary complicated. My point is, if one style has most of the good features, free and open, and “stay the same” for several decades, we can use that for most of the journals and we don’t need to tweak referencing styles this much.

@leanne wrote:
Noticed today:  http://www.endnote.com/support/enapa6thstyle.asp 

Tried to download this today … empty zipped folder … what’s the deal, anyone been able to donwload this?


Hm. Seems to work for me. Try downloading again and see if that works this time.

@thegitksan wrote:
Hm. Seems to work for me. Try downloading again and see if that works this time.

Hmmm … well don’t know what I’m doing different … cause I’ve tried 5 times now … still get a blank, empty zip folder.

Using Mac or PC?

@myoshigi wrote:
Using Mac or PC?

Windoze (can’t wait for 7) Vista.

Try download using XP machine around. Do other zip/unzipping work okay? I heard Vista has various types of problems with built-in zip/unzipping.

@myoshigi wrote:
Try download using XP machine around. Do other zip/unzipping work okay? I heard Vista has various types of problems with built-in zip/unzipping.

Yet another reason for dumping Vista, man it has to be the worst effort of microsoft idiot programmers. To think we have to pay for their repairs to a botched effort in the first place by way of an “ugrade” that comes at the expense of their testing yet again software of the general public, making corrections and re paying consumers kindness with making them pay for the work those idiots should have done in the first place before releasing it on the market.  Man the points for moving to mac are increasing.

Grrrrr, but that aside thanks for the help, got it, though the PDF instructions were slight misleading - you actually have to save the new style into your endnote style folder first.


Endnote style needs to be placed either in the style folder under the Program Files/Endnote X3/Styles or in your own style folder you specify in the Preference. When Endnote starts, it reads these styles from both places, and make them available for bibliography formatting.

With X2 and X3, simply opening the style, should open it in Endnote, and I tell my colleagues to then use the Save as function and it rename it (usually remove the word copy, and adding something so they remember the change and distinguish it from the original which may still remain in the program folders location) it to the preferences specified style folder.  You shouldn’t need to put it in there first? I myself do tend to also clean up my program folder versions.