APA 6th Reference list is not showing Full journal names... I NEED full journal names - Thank you

Hi Everyone,

I hope you can help me this is rather urgent for my work due tomorrow.

I have endnote X1 and am using the new updated APA 6th for X1. (as per http://www.endnote.com/support/enapa6instruct.asp#X1)

I am at my wits end with the journals showing up in my reference list as abreviated, for APA 6th they HAVE to be full journal titles.

I have done everything to fix this that I can think of, I selected the use full journal name option in preferences ans still in Word is shows up abreviated… :frowning:

Can someone please urgently help me.

Thank you Rachael

Ps. I even typed the full journal names into the endnote references and still they dont come up in word!

Have you looked at this FAQ?

Yes I have tried that FAQ and I also did this: http://www.endnote.com/training/tutorials/EndNoteX4/EndNote_X4.asp

In my experience, if you have a correctly imported Journal Terms list, and the APA output style is correctly set up to use “full Journal”  and the correct version of the output style is being used for the document you are working on, it works.  I can PM you my email address, and I can look at it late tonight to see if it works in my hands.  I will need both the style and at least a portion of the formated document. 

That would be very nice of you. I will check my inbox. Thank you :slight_smile: