APA 6th output style: Journal Names setting

The default setting for previous versions of the APA 6th output style provided by Thomson Reuters had Journal Names = ‘Don’t replace’, but the version distributed with X7.1 has Journal Names = ’ Use full journal name’.

The Journal Names = ’ Use full journal name’ setting is only useful for users who are familiar with the function of Term lists, but the majority of Endnote users will not be aware of function of Term lists.

The APA style requires headline capitalisation of journal names, and users who either incorrectly format the name of a journal, or import an incorrectly formatted record from a database, e.g. JOURNAL of ECOLOGY [all caps], are likely to end up with that form of the journal name in the Journals Term list. Users may later edit the the format of the journal name to read ‘Journal of Ecology’, but the Journal Names = ’ Use full journal name’ setting will in the default style will replace it with the incorrect format of the title previously automatically added to the Journals Term List.

Users can remedy this problem by deleting the incorrect entry from the Terms list, but only if they are aware of the function of the Terms List!

I believe that the default setting for Journal Names in the APA 6th output style should be Journal Names = ‘Don’t replace’.

More sophisticated users who might want to import discipline based Terms lists, are more likely to understand the rationale and process to make the required changes