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One of our researchers has a manuscript (MSWord) with CWYW citations from an Endnote X library.  She needed to change the journal names from abbreviated to full name.   Her library did not have the journal term lists, so I imported them in to her library.   Two problems have arisen:

1.  Although the Endnote display screen shows the output style with the full journal name now, her Word manuscript is still showing the citations with the old abbreviation.  Obviously, new citations added to the manuscript will display with the full journal name, but the pre-existing citations are not “updating.”  Is there any way to update the manuscript without having to reenter the citations in to the paper?

2.  When she adds new journals to the journal terms list, the Endnote citations display is only showing the abbreviated format and not the full journal.  Why won’t it display the full journal name like all the others? 

Note: the output style journal name format is set to “use full journal name” and the bibliography template uses the Journal field.

Stephanie Holmgren

Biomedical Services Librarian

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences


Terms list, with the default preferences will be updated automatically from new entries, and sometimes  this can end up with new versions of an existing journal name if it didn’t match exactly what was in the terms list, or a new journal name (usually as the abbreviated form) without any other “abbreviations” in the table.  Finally, I have see the auto updated add a  backwards configuration of a journal name (abbrev in 1 and full in column two) - when it has been downloaded from some databases.  So you could turn that off (in edit>preferences> term lists), if that is the problem.  

But, has your researcher tried reformatting or unformatting and reformatting?  (remembering to re-engage CWYW from the third tab during the reformat step if they unforatted).  

I cannot get the full Journal Name into an APA 6th Citation.

Through the EDIT> OUTPUT STYLES> OPEN STYLE MANAGER… ENDNOTE STYLES dialog box, EDIT… APA 6th style dialog… Journal… I have selected Use full journal name.This does not change the Citation as seen in the Preview Window. What am I doing wrong?

 By default, when updating a reference from the internet, the abbreviated Journal Name is entered into the Journal field of the reference and the full Journal Name is entered into the Alternate Journal field. Must the Journal field always contain the abbreviation? What are the implications of entering the full journal name into the Journal field as a work-around to obtain the full journal name in the APA citation.

Ann Teve

Research Assistant (and new EndNote user)

UWO, London, ON Canada

It seems counter-intuitive but displaying the full journal name necessitates that the “Journal Name Formatting” is designated as: “Don’t Replace”, not Full Journal Name.  (Note that the change will be saved as “APA 6th Copy” so adjust both EndNote and the word processing program to use this and not the original APA 6th output style.)

“Don’t Replace” instructs EndNote to display the journal name in the bibliography exactly as it appears in the EndNote library reference. In contrast, “Full Journal Name” causes EndNote (when generating the bibliography) to replace the journal name in the reference with the name appearing in the first column of the journals term list.  While the first column of the journals term list is usually reserved for the full journal name, you might check that column for the presence of abbreviated names which may explain why the abbreviation appears in the bibliography.

To automate the process, you might want to read this