APA Newspaper Citation Issue


I have an issue with APA newspaper citations.  With the “Reference Type” set to newspaper: when I enter an endnote citation into my Pages document, it enters as (Name, Year, Month Date)- for example: (Paul, 2013, May 5).  According to the APA guidelines, the citation should read (Name, Year) or (Paul, 2013).  It always ads the issue date field in, even when I switch the style to Author-Date.  Has anyone dealt with this or know how to work around it?  (Also, I am writing a case study and have about 45 newspaper citations, most used multiple times, so changing each as they crop up will be a real pain).  

Please advise!

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It works ok for me (EndNote X6, Word 2010), so I wonder, did you enter the month-date in the  Issue Date field? Only the year should go in the Year field.



Thanks for your response.  I did try with the month-date in the issue field only the year in the year field, it still places them all in the in-text citation.  :( I am using Endnote X7 and Pages 09 in Mac.  

All right, if ever anyone else has this problem…

I had initially put the entire date under the Year field.  I tried switching a few entries to the correct split between year and issue date, then checked to see if that worked by entering citations for those entries that I had fixed.  They still came out author-year-month-date, so I came here.  Then when I went through and fixed all of the entries, they came out in the correct author-year form.

Thanks for the input, John-Arnold!