Add date for newspaper citation

Hi, I am using Author-Date output style. I noticed that this does not include the exact issue date for newspaper article references (just the year). How can I adjust the style to include the issue date, but only in the bibliography, not in the citations in the text? (I am using Endnote X5 and Word 2003).

Many thanks


You’ll need to modify the output style’s bibliography Newspaper Article template to include the Issue Date field.


What output style are you using and where should the Issue Date appear?

I am using author-date output output style and the issue date should appear in the bibliography (but not in the citation within the text).

many thx!

Thanks for identifying the output style. Unfortunately when I looked at the Author-Date output style it doesn’t appear to  have a bibliography template for Newspaper Article (see attached image). With the Newspaper Article bibliography template missing, EndNote may be defaulting to the generic template which doesn’t include the Issue Date field.


Can you provide an example of how a newspaper bibliographic reference should appear per your requirements?