APA style and full journal titles

In Endnote term lists and settings can be put to use to automatically convert abbreviated journal titles to full titles when called for in styles such as APA.  Endnote Web cannot currently convert abbreviated journal titles to full titles and thus cannot comply with APA when citations come from databases such as PubMed which include only abbreviated journal titles. 

I support a large school which uses APA and adding this functionality to Endnote Web is important to the faculty and students of the school.


Thanks, jjoink. We are looking into adding this functionality in an upcoming release.

Mathilda, the EndNote Web team

Excellent!  Any idea when this would happen?  I would love to be able to announce to incoming students this fall that the problem has been resolved.

Thanks again!

Unfortunately, I do not anticipate that it will be resolved this Fall. I will update you on our progress and may have some questions if you would be interested in providing feedback.

 - Mathilda

I’d be happy to help. :smiley: