EndNote journal title input (import) styles

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how Endnote imports a journal citation into it’s program (from any site such as PubMed or WOK). I am noticing that when trying to cite using APA 6th, which requires full journal titles, mine are not full length. Instead, all my journal titles throughout my EndNote library are in the abbreviated form (even those not being used for the APA 6th style). I never consciously imported or changed anything to make all my titles abbreviated.

Is there a way to change this so that when I put new titles in my EndNote library the full journal title will import? Better yet, can I change my current library so the full journal title shows & thus when I use APA 6th it will format the bib correctly? Many thanks for any help!

You need to explore the Journal terms feature and import an appropriate terms list, usually deleting any “update” info that has been incorporated into it first.  See this Endnote Training youtube video.

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Excellent suggestion, thank you for the help!