Journal Name in Endnote database

Dear Endnote users and developers,

there are multiple sources of the references in my endnote database: thus in some references the journal names are full and some others not. I wonder whether it is possible to convert them all to full?

I guess there could be two possibilities, but I don’t know exactly how.

  1. I have a well defined journal term list. Maybe it is possible for endnote to detect that the apparent “Journal name” now for a reference is really an abbreviation, and then can substitute it - based on the term list.

  2. Force to compare the references in the current library to the web of science database in Update check, where full journal name was stored and then can be updated. Now the reference would only compare to its original source (e.g. PubMed), which would not change anything. Maybe somewhere I can change the update server options. This could also solve the more complicated author name problems (some are full, some are abbreviations).

Thanks in advance!