APA Style for Journals with no doi

Hello! I hope I have the correct place for this post…if not, please move it to the appropriate section. I am working with Endnote X3 and have run into a problem when dealing with journal articles which do not have a doi, which in APA style means that it should instead have “Retrieved from” and then the homepage url of the journal publisher. It is very time consuming to look these up each and every time and then copy and paste the url from each publisher, particularly when using journals that I have already had to do this for in my database. What I am wondering is if there would be a way to connect the journals with the url so that when a particular journal article is imported for which the articles do not have a doi, the EndNote would automatically fill in the publisher url connected to that particular journal. Does that make any sense? If anyone knows a way to do this so that I only have to put the publisher url in once instead of looking it up every time I encounter an article with no doi, I would really appreciate it. If EndNote cannot currently do this, then perhaps this could be a suggestion for future editions of the software.