APA style signal phrase

I’ve set the style to APA, which works perfectly until I try to use a signal phrase instead of the citation in parentheses at the end of the sentence. 

I’m trying to say:
“A study by Brown & Padua (2008) showed that…”

but it won’t let me change the citation, it stays:

“A study by (Brown & Padua, 2008) showed that…”

which is not the correct formatting.

I don’t want to change the format of all the other citations in my paper, which were meant to be in parentheses at the end of the sentence.  However, for this particular sentence, I would like to use a signal phrase, which is acceptable in APA format, but EndNote won’t let me do.  I’ve tried the Edit Citation button, and I still haven’t figured it out.  I could type it in manually without using EndNote, but then it won’t add to the bibliography page either, and I would have to turn off the Instant Formatting to add it there, which I would like to keep on as I type the rest of my paper.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Use Edit Citation and tick the ‘Exclude Author’ box and then OK (not Insert).

Does that work?



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YES! Thank you so much, I was going crazy and starting to think this whole EndNote thing was worse than manually doing it all. Thanks again.