Using in-text citations WITHOUT parentheses, and WITH citations at the end of a sentence APA- thesis

Hello community,

I am really hoping someone can help me regarding this issue. I am working with Endnote X9 on a 2020 Macbook (Apple) using Word version 16.42

For my thesis, I need in-text citations at the beginning of a sentence WITHOUT parentheses. And I also need citations at the END of a sentence WITH parenthesis. For example…

Miller, et. al (2001) found that …

I also need citations WITH parentheses at the end of a sentence. For example…

Lentils are relatively water use efficient (Miller, et. al 2001).

I have read other forums, and it instructs to turn on the CWYR when doing this. I edited my output APA style to replect both citation types… for example


(Author, |Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages)


Citation ~ Author (Year)

Author (|Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

That way it reflects BOTH citation styles. 

BUT when I update my citations it STILL shows the citations with parentheses. With (Miller et. al, 2001)

I spoke with a person over the phone regarding this issue, and I was informed that I CAN’T have both. Which I so desperately need for my thesis. Has anyone figured out a way around this? I would REALLY appreciate any feedback. If not I might need to switch citation software if I can’t do BOTH. 

Please be detailed as possible if someone has figured out a way around this. Please see picture for my reference of current settings on my APA citation.

You need to manually right click and choose the Author (year) option for the citations that you want to appear that way, otherwise EndNote won’t know when you want it to happen.  see attached image for what you would do choose and select.