Apple Pages: Format bibliography not visible in the cite while you write menu. I want spaces between references


I’m using Endnote X8 and Apple Pages 7. Currently I’m using the Vancouver output style while writing an article. The bibliography that Endnote creates has no spaces between the references. And that’s what I want :) 

I saw in earlier posts that it can be changed in the menu Tools, cite while you write, format bibliograpy. But I can’t select an option in the cite while you write menu. I already installed the pages plugin and Endnote is working in Apple pages. But it’s not creating the bibliograpy that I want. 

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I am assuming that you can still edit the output style in Endnote for pages?  In the Bibliography Layout, you could put a paragraph return in the “End each reference with:” box.  this would add one extra paragraph between each reference in the bibliiography.  Save as to a new name and ensure you use that newly named output style when you format the paper in Papers. 

Thank you sir :slight_smile: