Space between citations

Hi everyone!

My problem is that i just can’t get Endnote to put a space between multiple citations, it appears like this in the text:

(McArthur et al. 196 2,B estelmeyer & Wiens 200 1,V alencia et al. 200 4,C ramer & Willig 200 5,J ohn et al. 200 7,P acini et al. 2009)

And I want it to appear like this, with an space between citations:

(McArthur_ et al. 196 2, B estelmeyer & Wiens 200 1, V alencia et al. 200 4, C ramer & Willig 200 5, J ohn et al. 200 7, P acini et al._2009)

I have tried to solve this by inserting a space, and this template symbol: “|”, in the Author Lists at the Templates tab at Citations tab in the Output Style editting menu; but it just doesn’t seems to work. How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance for your help,


That space should be inserted  after the  comma in the Multiple citation separator box - Citations>templates section as in the attached image.

FYI for other questions like these, attaching your output style file can make spotting things like this a breeze, plus fixing it and posting it back.   


thank you very much!