Apply to become an EndNote X6 beta tester now!

Dear EndNote Users,

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for beta testers for EndNote X6. We have a new beta testing program and are confident the changes will allow us to obtain input from a diverse group of testers and to respond more quickly to our customer’s needs.

Applications will be accepted for both Windows and Macintosh testers through April 29, 2012. We anticipate Windows testing will begin in early May, with Mac testing to begin in mid-July.

Before applying to beta test, please read the information below. Beta test cycles last about 10 weeks with releases at approximate two-week intervals. Testers must be willing to make a commitment to test during the entire beta cycle.

* A strong grasp of EndNote’s current functionality and features is essential. Testers must be comfortable installing and uninstalling software, making changes to the Windows registry or Mac preference files and understand how to obtain crash logs.

* Beta software can cause crashes, may not contain complete functionality and is not intended for use on time critical projects.

* Prospective testers must have access to a computer running one of the supported operating systems and the proper permissions to install software. The system requirements for EndNote X6 are the same as those for EndNote X5. You can view the system requirements for Windows at System requirements for Macintosh are documented at

* Internet access and a valid e-mail account are required. All communication is handled via e-mail and bugs are reported using Bugzilla, which is a web-based tool.

* Multiple versions of Cite While You Write cannot be run at the same time. This is true of production versions as well as betas, but please keep this in mind as it is an important consideration if you wish to beta test.

* Beta testers will be given specific testing tasks and will be required to fill out a testing survey at the end of each beta release. To remain in the beta testing program, this feedback must be provided.

* Beta testers will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which states in part that participants cannot discuss any information regarding the beta product in Thomson Reuters forums or elsewhere until the product release is publicly announced.

Beta testers who complete the testing and reporting requirements for each released beta may be awarded a complimentary copy of the released version of EndNote.

The application to become a beta tester is located at We will make our selections and notify all applicants of their status before May 4. The number of beta testers we can accepte is limited, and we regret we cannot accommodate everyone who applies.

Thank you for your support of EndNote!

Best regards,

The EndNote Team