Are there "term lists" in Endnote Online?

I’ve been using Endnote desktop for years, and checking the online version.

I have many term lists in my library (including authors, keywords, etc.).

  1. Does Endnote online have that feature?

  2. If it does, how do I import my term lists into the online version?


Y. Mazeh

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No, there are no terms lists that I know of in the basic version.  Comparison of the two are here: and near the bottom of the comparison list, “Journal Abbreviation recognition & standardization” is only present in the desktop version.  

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Thanks Leanne.

I am currently using the 30 days trial version.

But if I buy the X8, does my online remain the primitive Basic as I currently have for the trial?


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You may need to ask customer service or tech support at – but I don’t think the “online” capabilities change if you have or do not have the desktop version.  But since the libraries are synced - you can format with either the online library or the desktop library and combined with the traveling library, means you can use the desktop functionalities with a paper formated with the online libraries.  But others here might comment with more experience in the online functionalities.  I don’t use that work flow.  

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