Overhall the terms list manager

OK, just wrote a big post of suggestions but my browser lost it. The gist was I lose a lot of time manually checking journal titel abbreviations and I would like to see the terms list manager overhauled. My suggestions were:

  1. Curate my journal terms list - maintain a central database (based on Web of Science data). When I import or add a reference, cross-check the journal name against this and suggest if it doesn’t quite match (eg. did you mean…), then amend the record. Don’t just import whatever is in the citation document - it leads to multiple entries in the terms list with variations on the name, some with no abbreviation formats specified.
  2. Sync terms lists with the library (this might already happen, not sure)
  3. Improve the terms list manager - make it a full size window (that doesn’t forget its size every time I open it). Add a search/filter box to make it easier to find the journal, have a merge duplicates button, and speed up saving terms (it currently locks up endnote for 10 to 20 sec every time I save a journal term).

I think that was all. I like the new sharing features in each version of endnote but I would love to see some focus on improving the basics - these annoyances have been with Endnote for as long as I can remember!