asking for Output Styles and manuscript template of Theoretical Chemistry Accounts

Dear Sir:

   I have searched website and Endnote, but I can’t find Output Style and manuscript template of Theoretical Chemistry Accounts. So, may developer give me the requested item? Thank you in advance.

Well I can’t get to the journal submission instructions page, so can’t suggest a “look-a-like” style from the Styles collection Myoshigi put together.  Perhaps if you look there you might find something that is close that you can “tweak”.  If you still have problems, attach the style that is closest and the problem and one of us can help.  Otherwise, you need to go to the website and submit it (with the journals instructions page web address) to add as a new style.  I don’t know what the turnaround time is for that though. 

Finally, if you “browse” the styles, (use the “preview tab” to see what formated references look like) you might find one that is close to your needs. 

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Thank you very much first! Maybe you can find some instruction here

So…from your site link, the format for journal article shows like this: 

Nugen S, Baeumner HJ (2008) Trends and opportunities in food pathogen detection. Anal Bioanal Chem 391:451-454

The reference should be appearance order.

Then, my designation for the style template goes like this:

SG2_Ap_(Yr)_Ti_Jo_ Vol_Page


Sir name, Given name, type 2, Appearance ordered, Year in parenthesis, Title, Journal, Volume, and Page

Please go to the thread Leanne pointed, and find out the style templates that have close to this. To me, the templates that have -Plos or Pediatric Radiol at the end look very promising. They may be from Springer journals.

You may also need to tweak the template for in-text citation a little bit, such that numbers are enclosed in [] brackets, and the maximum number of authors listed in each reference. If you’ve never touched styles, go to help file and learn some basics. It’s not that hard.

Otherwise, you could request Thomson Reuters to make a style for this journal, but it’ll probably take much longer and you wouldn’t be able to wait so long to meet your submission timeline.

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Thank you very much for your intructive suggestion.