Suggestions for what you should include when you make a styles request.

Requesters should provide the journal, publisher and the web link that describes exactly what you are looking for.  Check as well to see if they reference a specific manual (ie APA or Chicago).  If so, try that output style in endnote.  

If you have a style that is close, but not working like you expect, attach it to the message. Often it just needs a quick tweak.

Do ask that if you have modified a style that work for a journal, either a correction or a new style, attach it with the above information and ask the TR Endnote people to add it to their styles collection, so others can obtain the most up-to-date version there and via the Endnote Program’s Help menu  “Web Styles Finder” option.  

Other Helpful self-help tips:

 – Also this forum has a thread that has a large number of more generic styles. If you are looking for some variation of a style, it is a good place to start.  

Also you can preview various styles in the endnote “styles manager”.  (Edit, Output styles>open style manager) - then look for the “style preview” button and move up and down in the list. this only shows you what will appear in the bibliography though.  Not too much use for footnote styles.

I often  find that looking at output styles for other journals by the same publisher, or other publications in the same field is a good place to start, but these may not be in the ‘default’ set that is auto installed by Endnote.  You can go to the web styles finder but it doesn’t have a similar “preview” option, making it a bit more tedious.