Attach same file to several references

Hi !

Everything is in the title : is there any way to attach the same file to several references at the same time ? Instead of attaching the file to every references one by one (which can be quite long when I have a lot of references…)

Many thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

I don’t understand.  Do you meant add a PDF to several different records in Endnote?  – you only need to drag and drop it to a line in the library view.  Why do you want it attached to several records?  

Well, I know it seems strange, but I sometimes have a lot of references which are related to a single one PDF. So I want to attach this file to several references, but if I drag and drop it, it will only attach it to one reference. Or, as I have a lot of references, it is quite long to make it one by one.

Hope I explained it well this time :flushed:

I don’t think there is an automated way – and as it is a highly unusual work-flow, I am not sure the developers would prioritize this feature request, but if you want them to see it – you should probably post the request and how you would envision it working, in the Suggestions forum?  (I am just a user and no affiliation with Thomson Reuters!)