How to attach multiple files to the same reference in endnote and then open any of the attached files from the reference later on?


When I add multiple attachments to a reference. Endnote will copy the files to the directory of my endnote directory. However, I cannot access only the first file but not other from the reference. I’m wondering how to do it. Can somebody let me know? Thank you!



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If you open the record, all the file attachments are displayed in the File attachments field and you can open any of them by double clicking. 

Somthing for the suggestions forum I guess:  It would be nice if the Open file attachment provided a drop-down to choose which one, rather than only allowing one to open the first. 

In Endnote X8 (Mac) I also experience this issue.

One can add multiple files as attachments to one reference, but opening only works per double-click.

Also, and that’s the bummer for me, there is no way to export/save any of these attachments other than the first one. Am I missing something? This renders the whole point of multiple attachments kind of moot.  :-/



Bundle files (on a Mac) can be stored as attachments, but apparently do not sync to Endnote online (and this not to other Endnote desktop databases). ugh.

This is probably because the software is PC and Mac compatible and those files would not be accessible on a PC?  That would certainly frustrate me as a PC user.  

Thanks for your reply -

Hmm, maybe that is the intention, a possible explanation.

Although, I would argue that it is not a software’s prerogative to disallow users to leverage certain file types. There might be a few regular file types that cannot be opened on a Mac or vice versa for Windows. It does not seem that Endnote filters any such file types.

I suspect that the actual reason is that bundles can be very elaborate with many contained subfolders and files. Programming to (recursively) upload bundles and somehow make them presentable online would be quite a task.

(To give some background: I am trying to make “Skim” work as my PDF editor with Endnote. So far, I have not found any constellations that works, despite that Skim allows many ways to store edited PDFs: bundles, notes file separate from PDF, extended file attributes, etc. None of these work right for Endnote attachments. A pity. Saving flattened annotated PDFs would defy the purpose of using Skim. But this topic belongs in a separate thread…)