author with two letters first name


i have a problem when in bibliography the first name of an author has two letters. i want the name to appear like “Ch. Tados” and it actually appears like “C. Tados”. i am using style from journal fuel with word 2013 and endnote version7

Thanks in advance!

Is that an abbreviated given name, and a special case? How do you want other authors to appear?  Do all your records have abbreviated given names, like you would want them to appear? (Say Smith, D. A.)

If so, you can if your records all contain the authors exactly as you would want them to appear you can change your author settings to “Full Name” in your output style.    

the full name is Charalampos and i want the first name initials to appear like “Ch.”. In general i come across quite often names that use two letters as initials and it would be most helpfull if i could select the appearance of the initials or define exactly how i want the names to be displayed in bibliography inside the document. I checked the answer but in the dropdown lists inside the window edit-output styles-edit “Fuel”-bibliography-author name it is not possible to have this selection at will for each name.

Nope.  It is all authors “full given name” or none.  You can ask, but I am not exactly sure how you would set the parameters for specific names, but you can provide suggestions to the develpers in the other Suggestions forum.  It is not a request I have seen before in the forums, so it appears to be a rare need.  

thanks a lot for the answer!!!