Author (year; year; year)


I have a questions regarding the formatting author (year).

It works very well with one author, one year: Berg (2010)

Now I have two years for one author and I would like to include the following in my text: Berg (2010, 2012). Putting the two references together and formatting them in author (year) the following shows: (Berg (2010), (2012)).

How can I get the name of the author outside of the brackets and the two dates merged?

Thanks for your help



Insert the two references together in one citation:

Acosta (Acosta 1998; Acosta 2003)

Please note that the first Acosta is written in normal text.

Click in the citation and go the the Edit and Manage Citations menue.

Click on the first citation and go down to Formatting and change from “Default” to “Exclude author”. Repeat this for the second reference. Finish with “OK”.

The citation will now look like this:

Acosta (1998; 2003)

I used the general Author-Date style for this example, but this will work with most author-date styles.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

This will be change to  (1998; 2003), there is no ahtuor.

It woudl be add author manually