Automatic entry of keywords

With Reference Manager, when I entered the title of an article, the “keywords” fields would fill automatically. How can I make EndNote do this? Thanks!

Not sure what that means since I never used RefMan.  Have you tried the “update reference” tool?  

OK I will put the question slightly differently. Does EndNote scan the title of a paper to identify keywords? If so, how do I make it do this?

No – as far as I know, Endnote doesn’t do this because Keywords are usually used in addition to words in a title.  Since one can search on any field or multiple fields at once, there is usually no reason to include title words in keywords as well.  Endnote imports keywords from the database, such as when you upload from pubmed.  

Many thanks for this. This is a pity, and in this respect at least EndNote is not as convenient as Reference Manager. A lot of my references are from the grey literature and other sources that aren’t in databases like Pubmed and it is awkward to have to enter keywords individually.

I suggest you frame this as a suggestion to the developers in the suggestions section of the forums.  You can add keywords to a group of records using the “Change/Move/Copy fields” tool.  So if you have searched for a potential keyword in titles or abstract (and NOT to remove any with the term already in Keywords), you can then add a keyword via the tool to the resulting set of matches.  

I guess I am confused. I started with Reference Manager in 1984 as beta tester number 1…I used it till it was killed off…and my database contains keywords from titles and abstracts automatically - a simple click saying add key words from title etc did that…

since I was forced to used Endnote - I dont have any keywords - I am not adding them manually - that would be impossible…so when I search my database for keywords…nothing I have added using endnote has keywords.

I have a simple question: how am I supposed to find papers using keywords if there is no automated process (other than manually and that is ridiculous concept)?