Automatically create link to PubMed or other database during import of text file

Hello.  Reference Manager used to automatically create a link to PubMed or other database, and had a field for it, when importing a text file from PubMed.

Can you make EndNote do this also?

It seems to me that EndNote does this at other times, so should be able to do it during import of text files also.  Is that not correct?

Thanks for considering it.

Respectfully suggested

Have you tried the right click,“find reference updates” option in the library view.  It should retrieve the Pubmed link as well as update other fields.  

Hello Leanne.  Thanks for the note.  I tried it, and it does seem to work at least some of the time.  Not sure why it didn’t work all the time, but will look into that.  Again, thanks.

To the larger point for me, this workaround does work and there are manual and semi-manual ways to get the information into the field.  I would prefer to have it automatically performed by the software, as it used to be with Reference Manager, so that it worked every time and I don’t have to do it myself. 

Even better would be a toggle, so that the user could choose whether to have the software automatically create and store the link.  That way the users can customize to their desires.

Best, respectfully, thanks all