Importing references directly from journal sites

I am new to Endnote - ~30y veteran of RefMan.  Endnote isn’t importing all the information for  a refn.  It doesn’t import the volume, page numbers, and keywords (RefMan scanned the title and abstract for key words).  Is there a setting somewhere that I should have set to get this pretty basic information to be imported?


Can you tell us which journal you are downloading from. Is it auto importing?  

As far as I know, Endnote will not automatically find keywords in an abstract, but as long as the journal is providing the information and the article isn’t  an advanced online publication, for example, it should pull the appropriate volume and page information. 

OK - this seems to be a major feature that is missing from EN.  RefMan scans the abstract and searches for words that are already in the key word database and then populates the ‘key word’ field with the matches.  Others can be added as well.

Do you (anyone) know whether this feature is on the ‘to-do’ list for the programmers? 

As to your question of which journal(s), the list is very long but includes Science, Nature, J. Immunology, Cell, etc., and I don’t believe they provide the keywords in the exported citation.  At any rate, if they do, it would likely be the list provided by the author and these and other journal publishers often limit the author provided list to about a half-a-dozen which isn’t nearly as comprehensive as needed.

Major bummer!!

If the words are in the abstract and in the title, what purpose does it serve to thave them in the keywords?  when I search, I search on everything.  I use the keywords to ADD words, synonyms and the like to a record, so it comes up when it wouldn’t have otherwise. 

But to request features to the developers, you just need to either go to their website, or to use the Suggestions forum here.  (they also read the other forums, but putting it in the suggestions formum ecourages like minded individuals to say, ME TOO!

OK - thanks.  I obviously have much to learn about the program and how it searches.  I’ll check your suggest out - thanks again.