Automatically search for and replace PMID with citation in Word doc?

I have a multiple page word document with Pubmed IDs surrounded by {} that need to be replaced with a numbered citation. Can Endnote automatically scan the document and put in these references?  I have all the Pubmed IDs in my Endnote library already.


Yes, with a couple of caveates.  It may ask you to confirm each one, which is probably not a bad thing.  But you need to make a critical change to your preferences first.  It is important to do this BEFORE you run the update citations on the document.  

The “formatting” settings to remove the check in the 2nd option.  Otherwise you may end up with no citations, or just author citations, or just year – appears to be a bit random, (exclude year is most common).  If only one or the other item is showing up, you may have to check them by edit citation, and make sure it isn’t exclude year, or exclude author, despite the box being unticked in preferences.  I find that checking it with only one {accession number} first to check it is working is better.  if it shows up as only author, edit citation to fix it – then paste in the rest.  

Another preferences settings is in "Temporary Citations  (where you define the Accession Number field as the field to use), however In my testing though, it seems there is no difference in the way endnote responds to an {accession number} temporary citation with or without the change in this setting.  I found that in both cases, endnote recognized the field, but still had a confirmation step that it found the correct record… 

Try with just changing the formatting setting, or changing both – and see how it goes.  I find that when I convert back to temporary citations, it incorporates the rest of the {author, year field of choice} into the temporary citation, after updating.