Best method to switch back and forth formatted and unformatted citations with multiple editors

What is the best method to manage a large word document (+100 pages, +100 references) with multiple people editing, some who do not have access to endnote (using v 20.1). The library has +6000 references.


Because it gets so unwieldy with formatting on, we often Convert to Unformatted Citations, particularly when others are using Track Changes. Problem is because there are multiple people with Endnote, when we convert back, each reference needs to be resolved, because the Ref# does not match. This is particularly problematic when there are multiple papers with same first author and year published.

Any suggestions on the best way to handle this?

Sciences?  Have all Endnote users change their preferences to use the accession number instead of the record number for your endnote temporary citations.  They will be the same if downloaded from pubmed.  

Yup… sciences.

How do I change the unformatted reference to list accession # instead of record #?


yeah, you may still have to manually select and update them once to get them to convert.  I thought it switched them automatically, but I just tested it, and it doesn’t appear to… sorry.  

The other option, is for one person to share their library with the other endnote users.