Automation to insert Chicago 16 endnote citations

I am working on a 200-300 page book using x7 and Chicago endnotes. My Notes will be at the end of the book, not at end of a page or chapter. The process works fine but is not productive. For example, if I am editing the document and need to add a new citation on page 3, I do the following:

  1. Insert footnote/endnote on page 3

  2. Insert selected citation at end of document

  3. Scroll back to page 3 to continue editing.

What I propose to do is create a macro that has three parts: 

1. Prior to inserting a footnote, insert a bookmark named TEMP

  1. Insert the selected citation using Word/Tools/EndNote7/Insert selected citation

  2. Edit/Find/Goto/TEMP

For testing purposes, I have created three macros for the above. The first and third macros work perfectly, but macro 2 results in a run time #4605. The macro #2 is as follows below. I am wondering if perhaps Word is not recognizing the EndNote7 commands in the Tools menu?

Sub InsertEndnote() ’ ’ InsertEndnote Macro ’ ’ With Selection With .EndnoteOptions .Location = wdEndOfDocument .NumberingRule = wdRestartContinuous .StartingNumber = 1 .NumberStyle = wdNoteNumberStyleLowercaseRoman End With .Endnotes.Add Range:=Selection.Range, Reference:="" End With End Sub

Does Shift + F5 (jump back in word) work?  

Why not temporally set the “endnotes” to be footnotes in word until you have completed the writing/editing?  

Shift +F5 does not do anything. It is possible to set a key to go to a specific place like a page # or endnote #, etc. but I could not find a command to “go back to where you came from”, which is what I need. That is why I had the idea to first insert a TEMP bookmark, then insert the citation, and then go to TEMP. Problem is I can’t get the insert citation part to work. On your other suggestion, not certain I know what you mean. Footnote citations can be at end of page, end of chapter, or end of document. My publisher prefers end of document. I suppose I could use end of page until I am finished and then convert to end of document. That would lessen the productivity hit of scrolling through the whole document. Is that what you meant?

Yep, that is what I meant.  – temporary change the setting in word to make end of page rather then end of document.  Sorry the back command doesn’t work.  

I looked around some more and found others asking for the Shift+F5 go back function. It doesn’t work, as I mentioned, but option-command-Z does work! That will be my solution. Thanks for your assistance.