Better keyboard control

In  EndNote X2 on the Mac, this  drives me nuts:

When entering data, I want to get to a journal term list as quickly as possible. After bringing up the term list window by hitting cmd-1, I can only press the first letter of my journal title to drill down into my list (over 5000 journals in my list). This leads me to grab my Logitech mouse, which for some reason the scroll wheel is glacially slow at scrolling in the term list window, so I then have to press the scroll arrow on the screen to get things moving and dig into the list to find my journal title.

A much more efficient way would be to allow multiple letter drilling from the key board. So, if I want to get to my term list for Marine Biology, I would type mar and get close. As of now, when I type this sequence, I am taken to the top of the R’s in the list.